Being the light

First 15 – Being the Light – November 11

I think this devotional points to why I was so hesitant to start writing this blog. Not that I am anywhere near the man moses was, but I can relate to why he was hesitant to lead God’s people. I am just some guy who has a wrecked and hot mess of a past, but I love Jesus and am so thankful for the grace, mercy and forgiveness He offers. I have hope that He will continue to change me and make me into the man He desires me to be and to be a light to those I come in contact with. We all have scars from our past. With some of those scars, it can be difficult to not be ashamed of them. But Jesus knows them and He can heal them. If we all waited until we were perfect to do something for Jesus’s sake, nothing would ever get done. This is a challenge for me everyday. I don’t feel worthy to lead the family God has allowed me to have, be the husband of my wife, be the father of my kids or lead my men’s small group that God has allowed me to be part of. But my hope and prayer is that with the help of the Holy Spirit I can help my friends and family be drawn closer to Jesus each day and be an encouragement to them each day.

Broken Things – Matthew West

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