Empty hands

I feel unworthy to be writing this blog.  I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that I can pass along the things which I believe God speaks to me.  I am thankful for those who read it and hope and pray it is an encouragement to you.

I was reading last week in Charles Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning and the verse was from Psalm 107:7, He led them by a straight way.  He talks about how change brings anxiety to a believer and we wonder why change happens.  he also quotes Psalm 30:6-7 saying I will never be shaken.  he goes on to say “Today my spirit has no hope, only fear; no joy, only great distress.  Is this part of God’s plan for me?  is this really the way that God would have me travel to heaven?”  And he says in the next paragraph “Yes, it is by this way.”

The thing about this is, just the day before I was listening to Focus on the Family and they had Cynthia Tobias on giving a talk to an audience and she was telling part of her story.  And in one part she spoke of going through divorce and holding on to certain pillars in her life and how she could depend on those pillars. And yet the last one she had was finances and finally this one fell.  All of her dependable pillars had fallen.  What struck me was that she spoke of listening to a pastor speak on the radio and the pastor said that “The things that can be shaken will be shaken so that things that can’t be shaken will remain.”

She also spoke about how, through this time she used to sing the lyrics of Rock of Ages

Nothing in my hands I bring,
Simply to Thy cross I cling;

In my morning quiet time lately I have been praying these same words.  I used to, and sometimes fall back into this trap, think that I could manage my environment and things around me to navigate the issues I face.  I honestly believe God has given me the gift of administration and skills to manage things and activities, I believe I can step back and see the big picture in things fairly well.  But I have to keep reminding myself that God is one who is truly in control of things and that He orchestrates my circumstances.  I just have to be open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and be seeking it continuously in order to follow God’s will and His straight way.

Spurgeon goes on to say that “The obscuring of you faith, the darkness of your mind, the fading of your hope – all of these are simply God’s method of maturing you for the great inheritance you will soon enter.  These trials are designed to test and to strengthen your faith.

I keep reminding myself of an image of being refined, like a silversmith or tinsmith refines the metal he is working with, he works the metal over and over again until he has the pure metal he is seeking.  God is refining me  throughout my life, getting rid of the impurities of my life and making me more like Jesus, so that on the day He calls me home I will be able to stand before Him and walk victoriously in His presence.  God doesn’t want or need our skills and abilities that we develop, God develops them within us.  He wants us to come to him with empty hands and an open heart, giving our whole heart and soul to Him.  Like Psalm 107:5-6 says when we cry out to God He will deliver us.

They were hungry and thirsty,
    and their lives ebbed away.
Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he delivered them from their distress.

We need to let the Master work within us to make us into the masterpieces we are meant to be, as painful and unpleasant as it it is at times.  Let Him work within you.  Grab hold of Him with both hands and let Him lead you.  If you are clinging to things of this world , its not possible to grab Him with both hands.  Life can be overwhelming and incredibly hard at times.  The thought of leading a family, raising kids in this age can be paralyzing.  But I was reminded just today that God gave us a spirit of strength and power.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

But God does cause all things to work for the good of those who love Him, loving Him with all your heart and soul and strength, not some, but all.  He is faithful and will continue the good work He has started.

Switch ft. Dillon Chase – Symphony


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