Are you prepared?

This morning in our Bible Study class we discussed The Last Supper in the book of Mark.  In this account, Jesus and the disciples partake in the Passover meal, but in reality, which I believe the disciples didn’t realize t the time, Jesus is starting His preparation for becoming the sacrificial lamb.

In John 14, Jesus tells the disciples that he has to go away and prepare a place for us.  In Jesus’s time when a couple were to get married the groom had to leave and prepare the home in which they would live in.  Jesus tell us there are many rooms in His Father’s house, so as part of their eternal life, and ours as well, He would have to leave and prepare our place, which meant being crucified, spending time outside of God’s presence, but returned 3 days later as part of the resurrection.

As part of the Passover, the Israelites had to prepare the sacrificial lamb and put its blood on the doorpost of their house prior to the Angel of Death coming and their exodus from Egypt and their 40 years in the desert.  Noah had to prepare the ark by building it prior to the flood for his family to live.  In order for Joseph to save his people and family, he had to be prepared which meant being sold into slavery to later become powerful in Eqypt.  John the Baptist preached about repentance and the forgiveness of sins, he was the voice calling n the desert “Prepare the way for the Lord”.  John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’s messages and ministry.

In church we talk about preparing our hearts for worship.  But what does that really look like.  In our sermon this morning, our pastor preached on the rich young man (Mark 10:17-31).  Part of that sermon made me think that in order to be prepared to be used by God we need to prepare ourselves by humbling ourselves and admit our brokenness.  The rich young man that he could do things in order to reach Heaven, which is contrary to the Gospel.  There’s nothing we can do to earn our Heavenly place in God’s presence.  Jesus did that for us.  Jesus prepared the way for us by coming the Way, the Truth and the Life.

How do we prepare for Jesus?  In our quiet time do we prepare our hearts for Jesus to speak with us?  Do we pray for the distractions to be removed as we study God’s word and truly hear Him speak to us?  Before church and worship do we prepare ourselves to step in the presence of God Himself?  The Priests had to prepare themselves before stepping into the Tabernacle.  There were quite a few steps they had to do to enter the Holy of Holies.  We should treat church and worship services the same way.

Jesus tells us that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed and will be filled.  In order to be filled, we need to prepare by hungering and thirsting for righteousness.  We should prepare our hearts each and everyday for what God has in store for us that day.  We never know who will we come across and what they may need for that day.

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