Are you ready?

I recently watched the movie The tip of the spear. I cant explain all of the movie here but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s based in a true story of some missionaries trying to reach a tribe of native South Americans. They finally make contact with the people and four of the missionary men actually meet up with some members of the people, but they end up killing the missionaries during this encounter. The people were very violent and constantly at war against neighboring tribes. A couple of things struck me as I was watching this movie.

When one of the men goes to meet the people for the first his son asks him if he is going to fight back if he gets attacked. He responds by saying no because the native people aren’t ready for heaven and that he and his family are.

This got me thinking, am I really ready for heaven? Thinking about dying, I would be sad to leave my family and have my kids raised by just my wife and or without me as their their dad. I want to see my kids grow up. Plus, is my family ready for heaven? Are my kids ready for heaven? I still have discipling to do. I’m sure I still have purpose to fulfill for God.

Another part struck me. When the son grows up, he eventually goes back to see the people. The man who killed the boy’s father was a chief in the tribe and he takes him to where he killed his father. When they come to the place where his father was killed, the son becomes so angry and actually takes a spear to the chief’s chest as to kill him but doesn’t. The son says in narration that it was easy for people to identify with him in the death of his father, but from that moment of almost killing the chief, people couldn’t identify with the life he gained from that moment of forgiveness. The chief says they all saw what appeared to be angels when they were killing the missionaries and from the way the movie portrayed it the chief lived with an unresolved anguish from the time he killed the missionaries. I guess the son also had closure on how his dad died but I also guess he could rest in the assurance that his dad died and went to heaven and giving his life up for the sake of the gospel.

So do we really appreciate the meaning if the gospel and what it means that Jesus died on the cross for us. What about the forgiveness he grants us? Do we equally extend that same forgiveness and grace and mercy to others?

I’ve posted this before but it reminds me of the Return to Mogadishu movie bu Jeff Strueker. In that movie he tells about life and death becoming a lot less significant because of that event. Jeff does another video called Bulletproof Faith it’s in the link below. I pray that I can have the bulletproof faith Jeff has.

Bulletproof Faith – Jeff Strueker

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