Living for who…

I woke up this morning a little bitter.  Beyond the struggles of life,  we have  8 week old puppy who thought it was time to get up at about 3:30 in the morning and need to go outside.  After I and then my wife tended to her, my alarm went off about an hour later.  I have my morning quite and prayer time then go to the gym.  After I finished working and while cooling off out I read Jim Dennison’s First 15 devotional.  Today’s was about Living for God’s Glory.

First 15 – Jim Dennison

One thing struck me in the devotional, he says “God’s word won’t have power in our lives if we don’t read it. We won’t hear God effectively if we’re not listening. And we can’t experience his nearness if we constantly fill our lives with other things.”  The part about filling our lives with other things is what struck me.  “Other things” can be lots of things, materials possessions, job status, financial freedom, kids activities, etc and the chasing of all these things.  The world tells us to achieve greater things, that we can crate our own success, but in reality, chasing after worldly things is futile.  The things God tells us to chase after are the only things that can truly satisfy us.  A couple of Sundays ago our pastor preached on the feeding of the 5,000.  The people, disciples and Jesus had traveled for a couple of days and were away from somewhere where food was readily available, especially for that number of people.  Yet, in His sovereignty God fully satisfied these people with what started out as 5 loaves and two fish.  I realized that we can only be satisfied when God provides ad not when we chase after things.

Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek God’s Righteousness and His Kingdom before anything else, and if we do, we need not worry about being provided for.  I believe I saw God fulfill this promise in my life last year after being laid off from work.  I was out of work only about 2 and a half months, but when I returned to work I wasn’t making as much money, but we never had to worry about being provided for.  yes we had to watch our spending a little closer, but we were never hungry, and had a warm bed to sleep in.

I am far from being able to live without worry, but I am constantly reminded how good God is, I just need to acknowledge it and remember it more often and thank Him for His Goodness.

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