Who’s your designated driver

Its been a rough week for us in a certain area of our life, and I have been praying for direction and wisdom in order to know what the right thing to do in our situation.  Then I opened up my daily devotional, Morning by Morning by Charles Spurgeon.  The devotional was actually yesterday’s, but the verse was 2 Samuel 5:23 “So David inquired of the Lord.”  The context is that David had just defeated the Philistines and ran them off, but the Philistines came back again and spread out around David and his men. Then in verse 23 it says David again inquired of the Lord.  I believe David had such a heart for God that he wanted to follow God’s will in all situations and because of this God gave him victory again over the Philistines, in fact, for the second battle God gave him the battle plans.

Spurgeon writes about this, “If you want to be able to steer your ship through the darkest, highest waves, place the control of the rudder into the hands of the Almighty.”  We’re much better off allowing God to steer and direct us as we navigate life.

So, I have been praying about this situation today, through Sunday School and church and believe God has answered my prayers and given me direction because I inquired of the Lord.

It amazes me, that when I truly pray for an open heart and for God to speak in my prayer time, He does, not always in that moment or in what I am seeking from Him, but he does.  He is the same God who spoke to David.

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