Not always “Fair winds and following seas”

I think I heard this term in an episode of NCIS, the one show my wife and I watch together. It’s a nautical blessing in hopes of a sailer or someone to have a safe journey.

This past Sunday our pastor preached on Mark 4:35-41. I’m no longtime bible scholar but am pretty familiar with these verses or thought I was. In context, Jesus had been teaching along the sea of Galilee and at the end of the day He tells them to go to the other side. So they get in the boat and during the trip over a storm comes up. The disciples were well trained and experienced sailors, and in the storm they get scared. That’s pretty wild in itself, sailors who most likely know no other body of water, scared in a storm on their local fishing grounds.

What struck me about this was that Jesus sent these guys out onto the lake, which they were fully obedient to do, yet in His sovereignty Jesus knew that a storm was coming. HE sent them out knowing there would he trouble. Yet Jesus knew they were going to reach the other side because that’s where He wanted to go.

Obedience to God doesn’t guarantee fair winds and following seas, but I know who is in the boat with me. Yes, at times I pull a Peter and look around at the winds and the waves and start to sink, but I know my Lord Jesus is causing ALL things to work for my good, because I love Him. The disciples, being the seasoned fisherman they were, couldn’t help themselves and in desperation they cried out to Jesus. Like them, we need Jesus, we can’t do life on our own. And Jesus may not always calm the storms around us but He may tell us to be quiet and to be still so that we may watch Him work in His grace and mercy and power.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 46:10 NIV

Hillsong – Oceans

Lord, I pray for those that read this, that their lives would touched and forever impacted by your grace and mercy, that you would hold them in your hands as they navigate the waters they cross.

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