Child like faith

As we enter the advent season and read through the Chriatmas story in Luke, I’m always fascinated by the encounter between Mary and the angel Gabriel where Gabriel tells Mary she’s going to have a baby. Here’s Mary, this young teenager being spoken to by and angel, who we believe to be one of two of God’s top dog angels. She’s terrified, which I can understand, being that God hasn’t spoken to His people for over 400 years, plus I imagine Gabriel is a pretty impressive being to be be in the presence of. Lastly, Mary’s just a young teenager, probably minding her own business and going about her normal daily routine. But Gabriel reassures her and says don’t worrywhich I can imagine is easier said than done. Its probably even more frightening for Mary to hear that she’s going to have a baby, as an unwed teenager. I imagine the cultural implications of this are huge since qe later read that Joseph was going to cut her loose in secret. But at the end of her encounter, she simply tells Gabriel, in not so many words, if that’s what God wants, ok then. She fully submits to having her life turned on its head, as a young teenager, not only impacting her life but the man she is pledged to marry and probably impacting the reputation of her family.

During Jesus’s ministry, He’s out with His crew and some children try to approach Him and the disciples try to keep them from Him, but He responds saying, let the little children come to Me. Those of us with kids, at one point have had them, as toddlers, come running and stumbling toward us and wrap their arms around our legs and most of the time we proceed to pick them up and hold them. As adults, this should be our reaction to Jesus, running and stumbling towards our Savior who is ecstatic to see us and hold us. He wants to share joys with us and hold us during our lows. That’s what our Good Father wants to do for us.

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