The Journey Begins

Well, I believe God has been speaking to me at different times for a while and I have wondered at times what, if anything, I should do with those messages.  I believe some of these messages I need to share, so this blog is the vehicle which I plan to share these messages.  Some I have written down and will post them.  I am not one to use social media, in fact I’m still not on Facebook, my wife just joined recently to help with her business.  LinkedIn is the extent of my social media use, and that didn’t get used too much until I was laid of from my job last fall.  My prayer is that these blogs posts will be messages that the Holy Spirit prompts me to post and not from my own doing or my own intuition.  My prayer is this blog will be holy ground.

The foundation of this blog is Jeremiah 29:13.  Its a promise of God, but like a lot, if not all of God’s promises, there’s a command to go with it, which means we have a choice to make.  God promises that we will find Him if we search for Him with our whole heart.  This has been a recurring message for me through my daily devotionals, quiet time and prayer time over the recent months.  Jesus makes the same command with promise in Matthew 6, He tells us we shouldn’t worry about being provided for as long as we seek first His Kingdom.  I can certainly attest to this over the last year.  In life, we all seek after something, unfortunately most of the time its after things that will not last.

Holy Ground – Passion


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